About ACE Academy

the Academy for Computers and Engineering


A STEM Magnet Program for Gifted and Talented Students sponsored by the Washington County School District, Dixie State University and SUCCESS Academy.

The mission of the Academy for Computers and Engineering is to engage students in Early College project-based learning opportunities in computer science and engineering.

Students will have the opportunity to take college courses that will lead to Bachelor’s degrees in the following areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Digital Design
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Engineering

What is an Early College High School?

Early college high schools are designed to provide a rigorous academic setting that allows students to earn their Associate’s degrees at the same time they earn their high school diplomas.

ACE Academy has two campuses: one at Southern Utah University and one at Dixie State University. ACE Academy has a unique partnership with the Iron and Washington County School Districts which provides an early college experience without robbing students of a “normal” high school experience. Our partnerships allow students to attend ACE Academy for half of their school day, where they enroll in both college prep and actual college courses. Students also attend their boundary school (the high school within the boundaries of the student’s home address) for the other half of their school day, where they enroll in classes such as fine arts, applied technology, and physical education. This allows students to fully participate in sports, clubs, and extra-curricular opportunities with their boundary high school while challenging themselves academically by earning their Associate’s degree through ACE Academy.

Once your student is admitted to the program, you may request to attend ACE Academy either in the morning or afternoon. The ACE Academy staff will do their best to accommodate your request, although it is not always possible. Students attending ACE Academy in the morning begin their day with classes at ACE Academy and then return to their boundary schools for lunch and afternoon classes. Students attending ACE Academy in the afternoon begin their day with classes at their boundary school and eat lunch at their boundary school before coming to ACE Academy for their afternoon classes. The schedule can be complicated at first, as the boundary schools are on A-day/B-day schedule and ACE Academy follows a college schedule of MWF classes and TR classes, but students catch on quickly.

Why ACE Academy?

We know you value education. In this day and age it is even more important for our students to have the very best opportunities possible.

ACE Academy is associated with the Utah ECA (Early College Alliance). The mission of ECA is to support Utah’s Early College High Schools and the unique characteristics of each high school by cultivating conditions and advocating for sportive policies that advance the Early College High School goals.

At ACE Academy we provide motivated, focused, and diligent students the opportunity to engage in Early College experiences. Upon successful completion of our course sequence students have the opportunity to earn credit toward an Associate Degree with an emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics and their high school diploma. We have many students who complete both their Associate degree and high school diploma!

ACE Academy is a public charter school. As such, ACE Academy does not charge tuition to students who elect to participate in this exciting academic opportunity. Please remember, however, there may be some higher education costs associated with this experience. These costs may include books, application fee, and student/course fees. These collegiate fees are not subject to the Utah Fee Waiver guidelines. There may be some additional high school fees associated with this program. Students will pay fees similar in cost to any other Utah High School student.

In addition students may earn the New Century Scholarshipthat may contribute up to $5000 toward their next two years at a Utah Higher Education Institution. Please see the website for possible changes to this scholarship program.

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